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Adrianna age 8

Read the story from Billy Bear titled, "Penguins in the Snow" found at http://www.billybear4kids.com/story/PenguinsSnow.html The end of the story allows you to create your own ending. Below is how Adrianna ended her story.

Charlie and his friends were running  ran and ran  and all the sudden Charlie the penguin fell and scraped his knee all of his friends raced over to help him .All of Charlie's friends helped carry him home and after he was all better he and his friends played games almost all night.So after he was all better he thanked his friends for helping him.So he thanked his friends for being the best friends anyone's ever had  and he said thank you guys so much for being there for me when I fell .It hurt when I fell but just looking at you guys made me feel like its ok and I'm not going to be hurt.                                                             

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