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Leslie age 8

Read the story from Billy Bear titled, "There's an Elf in the Woods" found at
http://www.billybear4kids.com/story/online/elf/elfland.htm. The end of the story allows you to create your own ending. Below is how Leslie ended her story.

Leslie said "Oh no! Now what are we going to do? Billy Bear nodded. Until Leslie remembered that she had magic powers. She told Billy Bear. So then she used them to make them big again. After that they introduced themselves to each other.  They they figured out that they had lots of stuff in common so they decided to be best friends. They started to go place. Billy Bear asked Leslie if she wanted to have dinner tonight. Leslie said, "yes." Every afternoon when Billy Bear was alone she went to play with Leslie. Every time when Billy Bear came back from school he did his homework and then when he was finished with his homework he asked his parents if he could go and play with Leslie. His parents always said yes. Every time when his parents said yes, he got a one million dollar smile on his face. When Billy Bear had good news he told the good news to Leslie. If he had bad news then he told her the bad news. Leslie always got really happy when he went to her house.

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