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Gabby age 8

Read the story from Billy Bear titled, "There's an Elf in the Woods" found at
http://www.billybear4kids.com/story/online/elf/elfland.htm. The end of the story allows you to create your own ending. Below is how Gabby ended her story.
 Gabby said, "Oh why are we so small? How am I going to...nevermind." What if we find a way to get back to normal size said Billy. I doubt we will get back to normal size. Maybe you're right. Wow! Wait Billy watch out! Phew, that was close. What is that bright green thing over there? Come on let's go check it out. Gabby can you read this? It's too small for me. It says, "Do you want to get back to normal size? Then drink me!" Let's drink it. Okay, gulp... Awesome. We are back to our original size! Now I get back to my top secret job! Oops! What top secret job, said Billy? It's nothing. Okay. I guess we can get back to our lives. Goodbye.

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