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Landon, age 9

Read the story from Billy Bear titled, "There's an Elf in the Woods" found at
http://www.billybear4kids.com/story/online/elf/elfland.htm. The end of the story allows you to create your own ending. Below is how Landon ended the story.
 Landon said, "We should go to space and visit Mars. So Landon and Billy Bear snuck out of the igloo and went to Wal-mart. So we got in the mustang and headed to Wal-mart. We got to Wal-mart and bought our rocket. It was $15.00. We went to a place where nobody was around and we got the rocket out of the car. We put it on the ground and we were about to get in but it was too small. It was a TOY. We turned it over and it said ages 3U. And that meant 3 AND UNDER.  That's why people in the store were looking at Landon and Billy Bear wierdly. Wal-mart was about an hour away but the horse convention was right up the road so they went into it. They bought a horse for $39.99. Then it started getting rainy but still sunny. A rainbow it was cool looking. So then we got on the horse and went to the end of the rainbow. A couple miles down the road they found it. The horse went up the rainbow. We went so high. We finally made it to space. We were floating even the horse. It was so cool. We were flying, our dreams came true. But we had to find Mars. So we started. We were floating really slow. We tried to go faster but it did not work. It took a half-hour to find Mars. We got there. We went on Mars and found a one eyed monster. We jumped off Mars and went home. We are never leaving the house again.

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